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Over time, new policies have been released by eBay and it has be strict about policy enforcement generally. Though i dont like ebay and that I make an effort to focus on other sales programs Ido nevertheless have an account that i sometimes provide from, in fact i have several. Consequently, we’ve confined the xxxx account and soon our worries can be resolved by you. My stated items total price is finished 000 $38 and eBay Listers settled 20% of full listed value which is 600, $7.

I visited sign up for ebay and used for just like a month and so the whole account was halted by them. If there’s a nightmare then I am certain they’re using eBay customer support to pain people down there. For taking parents cash when they escape ebay then using both m or m might recognize charge inorder to prevent paypal who’re well-know.

My siblings who live-in the identical household also had their balances confined and never allowing them to promote. Why my bill was being constrained from selling for 30 days if the vendor that bought me these eBay account items remains promoting the identical things I called ebay and requested the consultant. Out of left field my mothers account, then they don’t describe the reason why plus got suspended forever, they said since the determination was created by a different section, they cannot provide us all the data.

Where i detailed HOWTO move on to different marketing systems, NONETHELESS, i was blitzed with e-mails in the site asking did i know HOWTO gety back onto ebay, I published here a few weeks before connecting to my site. Our 11-year-old ebay bill with positive feedback continues to be consistently suspended, just because I was promoting a few products for specific providers, whom accuses me of being unsure of.

Then requested if he altered his name, lender, cellphone and moved property etc may a new bill – not a problem then open. I had this happen after 1400+ listings, and 12 years of constructive feedback, to my account. Our ebay consideration was hacked, somebody published an item for-sale on there that marketed for $4400.

Couple of years ago I dropped the period I obtained stopped from EBay and around my only son. Dealers must get together and produce an account and work with some lender that will do dealings rather than paypal. I’ve had my results eliminated after my consideration restricted 3 times for the same list and reinstatement that Ebay had reinstated.


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